From a couple of hours to a couple of weeks, tours arguably make up the best part of a holiday, creating wonderful memories and photo opportunities!

Tours are often considered to be extra additions to a holiday, but how many people do you know who return home raving about their flight? Instead, they excitedly recount tales of walking elephants to dinner at a rehabilitation sanctuary in Phuket, eating more cheese than they care to admit on a tour of Paris, or seeing the magnificent countryside as they toured from New York to Washington DC.

Tours enrich your holiday experience and come in all shapes and sizes to suit different travellers' ages, styles and budgets. You could spend an hour or so on a walking tour of your destination, revealing its hidden secrets, or perhaps spend all day immersing yourself in the area’s history, culture, natural beauty or culinary scene. Or your tour could take you on a hair-raising adventure or have you enjoying total relaxation. The options are endless.

Guided tours also provide you with undeniable value. Add a tour to your holiday plans that will take you from A to B, starting in the bright lights of one city and end hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres away. Touring is a hassle-free way to travel too, with all the finer details of your trip taken care of for you, with transportation, accommodation, some meals and activities all planned and included in the cost of the tour.

Take advantage of your tour guides’ experience and wealth of knowledge. They’ll be able to tell you the best time of day to see something, or where to go for the best meal in town. Touring also opens up parts of the world that are otherwise inaccessible, from an intimate music performance in an historic castle to an Antarctic expedition. We always recommend arranging your ‘must do’ experiences before you depart to avoid disappointment.

Have a think about what it is that you want to experience on your holiday. To narrow down your choices, click on your area of travel to reveal some tour options. Alternatively, read more about tour styles to learn more about the types of tours available.

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