Sailing, Expedition, Small and Tall Ship Cruises

The experience aboard a yacht, small ship or tall ship is best described as ‘casual elegance’. Sailing, small ship and tall ship cruises present an informal yet sophisticated style of cruising. With no formal dress codes to cramp your style, and guest numbers typically not exceeding 300 on the larger vessels, you’ll avoid the long queues when embarking and disembarking. On board you will enjoy personalised service from the friendly crew.

Sailing, small ship and tall ship cruises are focused on the destinations featured on the itinerary. Docking overnight in ports gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the history, culture and cuisine of the location. Your vessel will hug dazzling coasts and venture into quaint coves, and there are no long days at sea.

Picture yourself plunging from the ship’s deck into the crystal blue waters of the Greek Isles for a refreshing dip, or maybe you can see yourself sipping a cocktail as you lay on a lounge looking out over the Tahitian islands. Perhaps you’re after a different experience and picture yourself venturing to the Galapagos islands on a wildlife expedition cruise. The world is truly your oyster.

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