Guided Holidays

Guided holidays are a hassle-free way to travel. Also known as guided tours or package holidays, they offer something for every travel style and budget, from no-frills holidays to luxury travel experiences.

On a guided holiday, you can sit back and relax. Every detail is taken care of from transportation and accommodation to attraction admission and most meals. Guided holidays have adapted to current travel trends, with most now allowing more free time to explore. Another benefit, your experienced guides have local knowledge and will often provide recommendations on where to eat and shop during your free time. Plus, they speak the local lingo, so there’s no need to worry about language barriers on a guided holiday!

If you’re looking to see as many destinations as you can in one trip, want great value for money and enjoy making new friends, you won’t be disappointed on a guided holiday. If you would like us to hand-pick a guided holiday or tour based on your travel needs, simply contact your Travel Whizz to coordinate your booking.