Ocean Cruises

It’s time to set sail on an ocean cruise! Get ready to be spoilt for choice, with a variety of cruise liners, accommodation types, entertainment, extensive dining options and recreation activities on offer, and that’s just onboard! Ashore, there is something for everyone; laze on a beach, wander through local villages, take a tour or get your adrenaline pumping with an exciting excursion.

The very nature of ocean cruising means there will be days spent cruising the seas between ports, but with so much to do onboard, the cruise ship becomes a destination in its own right. Take in a broadway show, see a movie, go shopping, visit the casino, swim, surf, ice skate, send the kids to the kids’ club, laze by the pool, sip a cocktail on a lounge, get your hair done, relax in the adults only club, unwind in the day spa, dance up a storm in a club, take in a lecture or sit in a bar and people watch. Of course, not all cruise ships offer everything; the rule of thumb being the bigger the ship, the bigger the entertainment!

The hardest part about an ocean cruise is choosing where to go! Cruise around Australia and New Zealand, the South Pacific, Europe and the Mediterranean, Asia, Hawaii, Alaska and the Caribbean, or try something a little different, and experience an expedition cruise to the Arctic, Antarctic or the Galapagos. Ocean cruise liners are a wonderful way to see destinations that cannot be accessed any other way.

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